A Cajun Tale

In South Louisiana among the rice fields and crawfish ponds and between Bayous Des Cannes and Nezpique sits D.I.'s Cajun Restaurant. Daniel Isaac Fruge, nicknamed D.I., and his wife Sherry operate this truly "Cajun" family restaurant.

D.I. began farming crawfish along with his rice and soybeans during the late 1970's. He began with a 40 acre pond walking behind a push boat. During this time he developed a unique style of boiling and seasoning crawfish. On weekdays and weekends his farm equipment building became a place to serve boiled crawfish mostly to local folks for the bargain price of $5.00 all you could eat spread out on picnic tables. The barn soon became too small to accomodate the many customers returning regularly to enjoy D.I.'s cooking. On Frebruary 7, 1986 the original D.I.'s restaurant building opened to the public. The immediate popularity of good food and down home Cajun atmosphere required two major expansions. The second of which included a bandstand and dance floor, which features many famous Cajun bands.

We are proud to offer you and your family a chance to take part in our unique Cajun culture and heritage while enjoying one of the finest meals served in South Louisiana. So please join us for fun, food, music, and Cajun hospitality . . . the things that make this restaurant uniquely "D.I.'s".